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*Client must purchase the detangler product used (take down remover cream).  

 *Offer only available in Atlanta, Georgia at the detangle salon training center.


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How to Get Softer Manageable Super Curly Hair - My 5 Step Process


For any past 3 years I have struggled with my daughter's super curly hair. I have tried product after product using little to no success in gaining control over her increasing amount of kinky curls. I quite possibly went so far as to ask strangers with beautiful, seemingly controlled curls what they were using. Finally, I've found some awesome products that honestly help me manage her hair without all the tears and irritation. Not to mention, I no longer spend 4 hours combing and styling her hair on that one day every week that I shampoo and condition her hair. Here is our routine and the products we use to keep some of our sanity and manage those beautiful super curly curls.


Step 1: After taking out the old style, I rinse her hair with Pantene's Frizzy to Smooth shampoo for medium to thick hair. I like to employ this by sectioning the hair so I can get to the entire scalp. I massage the shampoo in the hair from scalp to end and rinse thoroughly when done.

Step 2: Using the same sectioning technique previously mentioned, I apply some of Carol's Daughter Tui Hair Smoothie. The Hair Smoothie conditions and detangles that hair. I leave it in for 5-10 minutes; the longer you leave it in the better end result. Then I rinse it out thoroughly.

Step 3: Again using the same sectioning technique, I apply one of these leave-in conditioning detanglers: Carol's Daughter Tui Leave-in conditioner or Afro Detangler a. k. a. Taiykel Leave-in Conditioner-Detangler. Both products work very well. You'll be surprised how easy it is to comb through those curls. When I use the Afro Detangler, I like to dilute it with water in a spray bottle to make it better to apply; not to mention, it lasts longer this way.

Step 4: Now it's time to start styling the hair. First I'll department it into a predetermined style (for braiding or twisting). I spray on more of the Tui leave-in conditioner or the Afro Detangler to comb out each section just before I braid it. As i comb first with a wide tooth comb, then with a fine tooth comb to make sure I get out most of the fuzzies and knots.

Step 5: Just before I braid a section of hair, I apply some of Carol's Daughter Hair Milk or Carol's Daughter Marguerite's Magic. Both of these products help keep the hair super delicate and conditioned throughout the week. When using Marguerite's Magic, a little goes a long way, so use sparingly. I clean through one last time before I braid the section. Once the braid is complete, I sprinkle a little more of whichever product I used to the ends of the braid to keep them from drying out.

From time to time I'll use a product called Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding on the loose hair all the way around her hairline. This will keep that hair looking curly instead of frizzy. Also, each morning, if I remember, I will spray most of the leave-in conditioner on the braids to keep the hair from drying out - making sure to get the ends. That is the idea - my secret of how to get softer manageable super how to comb out dreadlocks without cutting. No more tears, no more tangles. I hope the following works as well for you as it has for us.

Sedu Beauty Tips: The Dos and Don'ts of Hair Brushing


Locks brush is one of the most essential tools every person, man or woman, should have. Hair brush helps dealing with tangles and base hair look; to some extend it even solves the problem of hair styling.

But the greatest thing that can be done which includes a hair brush is keeping our hair naturally moisturized as you transfer natural skin oil from the beginnings to the tips of the hair when brushing.

To help your hair grow healthy and shiny, you should brush flowing hair every day with careful gentle strokes that decrease the friction and smooth the hair scales. Challenging and rough brushing will only increase the damage to your hair. Moreover, such brushing increases the amount of pulled out fur in two times.

The use of proper hair brush is essential for sedu hairstyles as it helps to avoid unnecessary harm, eliminates static electricity, and adds shine and smoothness to the hair. There are several hair brushes that should be available when creating and maintaining your sedu hairstyles:

1 . Wide-toothed comb for detangling hair after and in advance of washing. Every time you are preparing to wash your hair you should make a detangling first. This will help you lessen the risk involving mechanical damage during washing and make the after-washing detangling easier, thus eliminating more mechanical injury. Such combs should be of antistatic material, so read labels carefully and make sure you won't harm hair with poor quality product.

2 . Fine-toothed tailed comb for styling. You should use this comb when making heat styling using a flat iron. Just follow the flat iron with fine-toothed comb to make sure that there are no tangles and frizz left in your hair after straightening. The tail of the comb will be handy in creating prom hairstyles and dividing hair in separate tresses for straightening;

3. Massaging wooden hair brush that will help you to help you massage scalp after you detangled the hair and are preparing to sleep. Usage of this brush at least twice every week will help you increase the blood circulation in the scalp and improve the state of the hair cuticle after a couple of months of use;

4. Boar bristle round brush for styling. This hair brush is a must for short so that you can medium hair styles. It helps to obtain neat and sleek hairstyle. Boar bristles eliminate frizz and add sparkle to your hair;

5. Ceramic styling hair brush is good for medium to long hair styles because it helps to regulate long hair and eliminate static electricity. You will be even able to create soft waves that will frame that person and make it look gorgeous.

The above mentioned hair combs and brushes should be of high quality so that your hair don't suffer from the harmful materials and faulty workmanship. It is also recommended to wash combs with warm water at least once with two months in order to eliminate product built up.

To make correct brushing, follow these simple rules:

1 . Before cleaning the hair, use a wide-toothed comb. If you have a long hair, start from the tips and move gently to your top of the hair. Do not pull the hair or comb too energetically, or you will lose healthy together with mature hairs that hold firmly in your scalp. If your hair style is short just move brush in the hair from roots to the tips to eliminate frizz and arrange your hair before washing;

2 . After cleanup DO NOT brush the hair while it is still wet. The hair should be at least dump when you start to detangle it, or you are sure to lose more healthy hairs. Do not be afraid to see hairs on the brush as long as you don't come to feel any pain from their pulling off. It is a natural process of hair growth when up to 100 hairs are falling out in clumps every day to spare the place for new and young hair.

3. If you are using blow dryer quite often, you should use circular brushes of 100 per cent boar bristle for styling of the short hair, and ceramic round brushes for styling of the long hair. Such brushes will make it easier for you to style the hair, increase shine to your hair, and help you to arrange the hair into any style from spikes to delicate sedu waves.

4. If you are using a flat iron, you should start straightening from the bottom of the hair. Separate the lower layer of the hair from the top layers, and pin up the top layers using tail of the fine-toothed comb. Straighten the bottom layer of the hair, and proceed with the upper layers until you are finished. Each time you apply flat iron to the separate tresses follow the flat iron with the comb to make sure that there are no tangles left.

5. Before going to bed, apply massaging brush. Detangle the hair first, and then gently painting brush the hair, especially the root area to improve blood circulation and allow your head to relax after the long day associated with styled hair. You will see positive results of such technique just after a couple of months. Your hair will look healthier and shinier, ones scalp will receive more nourishment through improved blood circulation, and if you have problems with hair falling out, they will be reduced.

So , hair brushing is the separate science, and knowledge of its rules will help you decrease the amount of money you spend with hair care products. Moreover, the state of your hair health will improve dramatically and your hairstyle will receive the condition of the Sedu hairstyle because of the natural shine and smoothness of your hair.